Our property “Boobook“ comprises 779 ha (1870 acres). The country is approximately 1/3 creek flats with productive alluvial soils and 2/3 undulating loamy hills.

Currently divided into six paddocks, our property is watered by five dams, supplemented by temporary waterholes in the creeks. We have continually improved the security of water supply and fencing since purchasing the property.

About 20% of native vegetation remains intact, with most the remnants comprising Poplar Box/Bulloak Woodland and patches of White Cypress Pine. The creeks are fringed by River Red Gum woodland. Although we have locked in cleared areas on our PMAV, we are choosing to allow regrowth to grow in parts of the property where linkages between remnant vegetation patches can be re-created. We also manage regrowth in other parts of the property, utlising thinning practices to maintain the balance between productivity and wildlife habitat values.

The pastures are a mix of improved and native species. Buffel grass dominates the lighter soils, while the creek flats comprise a mix of native grasses, sedges and herbs. Due to a recognisable decline in pasture condition over parts of the property we commenced a pasture renovation trial over approximately 250 acres. This portion of the flat was Yeomann ploughed, then seeded with a mix of bambatsi, Katamboora Rhodes grass, Burgundy Bean, Silk Sorghum and Gayndah buffel grass. Thanks to some timely rainfall and conservative stocking, we regard the pasture renovation as a success.

We are interested in enhancing the biodiversity (plant and animal life) values on our property while maintaining and improving its grazing values. To date we have recorded 150 species of bird, 35 species of reptile, 18 native mammals and 17 species of frogs. Several of these species are scheduled as rare or threatened species under state and/or federal legislation.

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